What Are Your Concerns?


There have been countless advances in medicine in the past 100 years, but issues about health still plague our nation. Diet, nutrition, and exercise are still serious issues within disadvantaged communities, and these issues affect the quality of life of most of our population. Besides those problems there are other environmental issues that affect our health and make it difficult to maintain a positive mental health condition. These are issues that must be confronted if we are to maintain productive citizens in our community.


One of the biggest issues in America is economic reform. A very small percentage of the American population control the majority of the economic growth of our country. Small businesses in disadvantaged communities need to be stimulated for the advancement of the rest of the nation, both in urban and rural areas. These problems must be resolved with methods that will provide economic equality for all of the country’s citizens.


Education is a serious issue in our country and to our citizens. America is falling severely behind in overall education in comparison to other nations across the globe, and the cost of secondary education is becoming more and more expensive with every passing day. Our concern, like the rest of the country, is what the future holds for the next generation of potentially innovative and productive citizens.

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