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Founded in 2004, America's Future Foundation, Inc. was the brain child of the current president, Kevin P Rucker. His vision for AFF was a bold and courageous one: to fill a void in disadvantaged communities by providing social programs and workshops that create productive change in the lives of children and families that felt left out of the American Dream. His extensive years in the entertainment industry made him disenchanted with the direction that our society was moving in, and the effect that media and politics had on our families and youth. He decided to take his skills and experience and utilize them for the common good.

After recruiting the founders of America's Future Foundation, Inc., he began the arduous journey of transforming his idea and vision into reality. The main focus and passion of America's Future Foundation, Inc. is social entrepreneurship, which is the process of trying to draw upon business techniques to find solutions to the social ills that affect our disadvantaged communities. Social entrepreneurship is applied to create social innovation, with the belief that the next major innovator could be suffering from the obstacles that poverty and lack of education create. The goal of America's Future Foundation, Inc. is to remove these obstacles from the paths of these future innovators.


America’s Future Foundation, Inc. is an organization dedicated to bringing education and economic opportunities to lower income communities through various programs and initiatives that will educate individuals about homeownership, mental and physical health, and entrepreneurship. We are dedicated to building resources and partnerships that will enable and fortify families and empower our next generation of leaders with the tools they need to create a world that we have all dreamt of.


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